Salty Confectionery Products

Delivery upon order: Canapés per piece & salads and antipasti per kilo
(Minimum canapé order 10 pcs / sort)

L = lactose-free,  G = gluten-free, M = dairy-free


  • Runeberg's pike-perch salmon stacks with roe L,G 2,60 €
  • Mini blinis with roe L,G 2,60 €
  • Buckthorn crab tail stacks L,G 2,60 €
  • Smoked salmon mousse toast L 2,60 €
  • Cream cheese and smoked salmon roll L,G 2,60 €
  • Cold smoked salmon cream cheese patties L,G 2,60 €
  • Goat cheese roll with herbs L,G 2,60 €
  • Candied artichoke with brie cheese L,G 2,60 €
  • Parma ham cheese rolls L,G 2,60 €
  • Spicy chorizo balls G,M (4 pieces on skewer) 2,00 €

Mini toast canapés

Anchovy, egg L
Cold smoked salmon L
Marinated whitefish L
Prawns L
Mozzarella L
Cheese L
Marinated mushrooms L
Ham L
Roast beef L
Smoked reindeer L (3,00)

2,60 € / pcs

Cocktail wraps (also available gluten-free)

Smoked salmon L
Vegetable L
Mozzarella L
Ham L
Roast beef chili L

2,70 € / pcs

Petit choux

Roe and cream cheese L
Salmon and cream cheese L
Blue cheese and cream cheese L

2,60 € / pcs


Salmon L
Wild mushrooms L
Feta and spinach L
Asparagus L
Goat cheese L
Americano L (blue cheese, ham, pineapple)

2,60 € / pcs


Salmon, boiled rice and egg L
Wild mushrooms and boiled rice L
Ham and boiled rice L

1,80 € / pcs

Cocktail skewers

Fruit and cheese L,G
Chicken and pineapple G,M
Beef and red onion G,M

2,70 € / pcs


Salmon potato salad G,M
Salad Nicoise G,M
Green prawn salad G,M
Greek feta salad L,G
Fruity nut and cheese salad L,G
Waldorf salad L,G
Mozzarella, tomato and basil salad L,G
Crunchy and coulorful green vegetable salad G,M
Tossed salad with Finnish bread cheese and fruit L,G
Caesar natural L,G
Caesar broiler L,G
Roast beef salad G,M
Italian salad L

16,00 € / kg
Potato and red onion salad with capers G,M
12,00 € / kg
Toast Skagen salad G,M
30,00 € / kg
Bread 10,00 € /kg
Archipelago bread 15,00 € /kg


Ham L
Salmon L
Prawn L
Feta L
Feta and spinach L
Americano L
Blue cheese L
Goat cheese L
Mozzarella L
Chicken L
Wild mushrooms L
Salami and brie cheese L

21,50 € / pcs (about 8 slices)
Also available gluten-free 25,00 € /each

Sandwich cakes
Fish L, Ham L, Vegetarian L

  • Sandwich cakes for 10 pax 45,00 €
  • Sandwich cakes for 15 pax 54,00 €
  • Sandwich cakes for 20 pax 71,00 €
Kinkkuvoileipäkakku koko komeudessaan
Sandwitch cake with Ham
Leipävalikoima uunista tuoreena
Suolainen piiras vastapainona makean nälälle