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Cocktail buffets

Please note that cocktail buffets are not as abundant as the regular buffets – they are more intended for snacking!

Cocktail buffet à la Porvoo
Runeberg´s pike-perch and salmon stacks with roe L,G
Adlercreutz´s salmon kulebyaka L
Cheese petit choux L
Small roast beef sandwiches L
Smoked lamb mousse and candied onion L,G
Miniature Runeberg´s tarts L

24,50 € 9 pieces / person

+ tossed salad and freshly baked bread

27,00 € / person

In the archipelago

Buckthorn and crab tail stacks L,G
Salmon mousse sandwiches L
Anchovy and egg toast L
Candied artichoke and brie cheese L,G
Bread cheese and fruit salad L,G
Marinated garlic lamb and celery G,M
Archipelago bread L
Apple cake with cream L

24,50 € / 8 peaces + salad / person

Take It Easy

Salmon mousse sandwiches L
Grape, strawberry and brie skewers L,G
Crispy Caesar salad natural L,G
Chili, beef wraps L
Spicy chorizo meat balls G,M
Pulled pork tacos L,G
Bread M
Selection of Cup Cakes L

24,50 € / 8 peaces / person

Wrap buffet

(even available as glutenfree)

Roast beef chili wrap L
Smoked salmon wrap L
Vegetable wrap L
Crispy tossed salad G,M

Selection of cakes

24,50 € / 5 wraps + salad, selection of cakes / person

Sandwich buffet L
 Three different sandwiches from the following selection:

Herring, Cold smoked salmon, Marinated lavaret, Prawn, Mozzarella, Cheese, Marinated mushrooms, Ham, Roast beef

Selection of cakes

24,50 €

Quiche buffet
(even available as glutenfree)

  Three different quiches from the following selection:

Ham, Salomon, Prawn, Feta, Feta-spinach, Americano, Blue cheese, Goat cheese, Mozzarella, Chicken, Mushroom, Salami and Brie cheese

Crispy tossed salad G,M

Selection of cakes

24,50 €


Three different salads from the following selection:

Salmon and potato salad G,M
Salad Nicoise G,M
Green prawn salad G,M
Greek feta salad L,G
Cheese and fruit salad with nuts L,G
Waldorf L,G
Mozzarella, tomato, basil salad L,G
Potato, red onion and capers salad G,M
Tossed salad G,M
Cheese bread, fruit salad G,M
Caesar natural L,G
Caesar, chicken salad L,G
Roast beef salad G,M
Chicken salad G,M
Italian salad L

Freshly bakes bread and spread

Selection of cakes

24,50 €


Lounasbuffet on tarjolla päivittäin maanantaista perjantaihin klo. 10.30-14.30