Buffets are for 25 guests or more


Smoked salmon galantine with buckthorn sauce L,G
Toast Skagen á la Cabriole
Green cheese salad with nuts G,M
Goat cheese rolls G
Pasta chicken salad M
Cured beef G,M
Colesalaw salad L,G
Spicy chorizo meat balls and yoghurt sauce L,G
Warm onion quiche L
Potato gratin L,G
Bread assortment M

Selection of cakes


32,80 €


Sweet potato fresh cheese rolls L,G
Broccoli pineapple salad G,M
Beetroot terrine and aioli L,G
Spring rolls with sweet chili dip L
Roasted Waldorf salad L,G
Stuffed mushrooms L,G
Spinach, feta filo dumplings L
Marinated artichoke, zucchini and olives G,M
Hummus G,M
Warm vegetable wrapsL L
Bread assortment L

Selection of cakes

30,00 €


Salade Nicoise G,M
Fruit salad with Finnish bread cheese L,G
Caesar salad natural or with chicken L,G
Clear potato salad G,M
Mushroom salad L,G
Italian salad L,G
Bread assortment M

Chicken in garlic and coconut milk broth, basmati rice G,M

Selection of cakes

31,50 €


Prawns and garlic in oil G,M
Roe paste served with bread and olives L,G
Tzatziki cucumber yoghurt salad L,G
Marinated aubergine G,M
Filo pastry dumplings with spinach and feta filling L
Broccoli pineapple salad with anchovy dressing G,M
Olives, sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke in oil G,M
Feta, olive and res onion salad L,G
Beef carpaccio G,M
Lamb with artichocke G,M
Rosemary and olive bread M

Chicken wrapped in ham, asparagus and vegetable gratin L,G

Selection of cheeses

Tiramisu with fresh fruits L,G

38,50 € , without cheeses 32,50 €


Mustard herring G,L
Deep fried vendaces L
Marinated herring G,M
Salt-cured salmon G,M
Eggs with crayfish filling L,G
Smoked salmon and buckthorn tart L
Fisherman´s salad G,M
Boiled potatoes G,M
Archipelago bread M

Roast lamb with mint sauce and garlic potatoes L,G

Selection of cakes

33,50 €


Smoked salmon and mustard sauce G,M
Green prawn salad G,M
Grilled vegetable couscous salad L
Coleslaw salad L,G
Mozzarella salad G,L
Melon and chicken skewer with chili sauce G,M
Smoked beef roast G,M
Freshly baked bread and spread

Bacon-wrapped pork fillet, white wine cream sauce with mustard seeds, rustic potatoes L,G

Selection of cakes

32,50 €


Cold smoked salmon and cream cheese patties L,G
Deep fried vendaces and aioli L
Scampi and onion skewers G,M or Fruit and cheese skewers L,G
Smoked salmon moussé sandwiches L
Vegetable fruit salad G,M
Crispy Caesar salad natural or Caesar broiler salad L,G
Mozzarella tomato salad with basil vinaigrette L,G
Lamb and green celery in garlic marinade G,M
Freshly baked bread and spread

Main dish served to the table (the price is for the total menu)

If the main dish is also served at the buffet the prices below will be increased with 2,00 € / pax

Black Angus fillet with red wine sauce G,M – 38,00 €
Beef sirloin with pepper cream sauce L,G – 36,50 €
Braised beef fore loin with madeira sauce G,M – 34,00 €

Please ask even for fish as main dish!


Creamy potato gratin L,G
Potato wedges G,M
Garlic potato gratin L,G
Roasted root vegetables G,M

Wedding cake

Lunch buffet is served from Monday to Friday at 10.30 am -2.30 pm