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Breakfast and Brunch

Coffee service

Coffee and tea, filled croissant/roll

9,50 €

Fruit juice

3,00 €

Fruit platter

4,50 €


2,50 – 3,00 


Assorted cold cuts and cheeses G,L
Freshly baked rolls and croissant L
Marmelade G,M
Vegetables G,M
Boiled eggs G,M
Yoghurt G,L+ muesli L
Fruit G,M
Small cinnamon rolls L
Juices G,L
Coffee and brewed tea

16,50 €


Salmon pancakes L
Goat cheese rolls L ,G
Talouleh-bulgur salad M
Cheese selection L ,G
Freshly baked rolls ans croissants L
Vegetables G, M
Smoked ham and turkey cuts G, M
Fruit platter G, M
Merinque tart L
Seasonal smoothie
Juice G,L
Coffee and brewed tea

22,00 €

L = Lactose-free
G = Gluten-free
M= Milk-free

Lunch buffet is served from Monday to Friday at 10.30-2.30 pm