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Café Cabriole
Piispankatu 30, Porvoo
Tel: 019-523 2800
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8.30-18.00 | Sat 8.30-17.00

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Café Cabriole

Café Cabriole is famous for its amazing pastry selection. The products can be either savoured in the ambience of the Café, or purchased to go. All pastries are made in our own bakery situated on the topmost floor of the house.

All products except those including white chocolate are lactose-free. Cheese cakes are besides glutenfree.

We also supply photocakes, for more information please visit (the customer requests the photo to be delivered to us).

Cakes and tarts can also be ordered in advance. Please allow at least two days for delivery. Before big holidays, Mother's Day, and the last weekend in May, orders should be made well in advance.

Cabriole's selection always includes more than ten cakes freshly baked in our own bakery, and varies with the season.

All layer cakes except rasberry and strawberry cream cakes
6 pax   16,50 €
10 pax   25,30 €
15 pax   38,50 €
20 pax   49,50 €
Rasberry cream cake (domestic berries)
6 pax   21,50 €
10 pax   30,30 €
15 pax   43,50 €
20 pax   54,50 €
Strawberry cream cake (stuffed with domestic berries , decorated with fresh berries)
6 pax   28,50 €
10 pax   37,30 €
15 pax   50,50 €
20 pax   61,50 €
Cheese cakes    
6 pax   16,50 €
12 pax   35,75 €
10 pax   23,10-28,00 €
Fantasy cake surcharge   18,00 €
for fantasy cakes in the Pastry Gallery  
For sandwich cakes and quiches, please see
"Cocktail buffets"
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Find your favourite in our cake gallery...
Lunch buffet is served from Monday to Friday at 10.30 am-2.30 pm.

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